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Your financial support benefits not only AWAKE: Oneness Tribe, the nonprofit organization, but also all the local small businesses we support.


We thank you for the integral role you are playing in the growth of your Tribe!

Image by Cristina Marin

In order to nourish and grow our Tribe, AWAKE: Oneness Tribe provides services, events, socials, celebrations, classes, workshops, community outreach, advertising, and the list goes on.


Like a honeycomb in a bee hive, your financial support provides the structure that allows us to make and distribute the honey (aka all of the services we provide)! Your donations allow us to improve the quality of the Tribe, increase the quantity of events, and expand our reach to include more people like you!


It starts with you. We thank you for playing an integral role in our mission!

The Honeycomb Club

Reserved for those who sign up for monthly donations to AWAKE: Oneness Tribe. Your ongoing and consistent contribution grants us the security to spread our wings and fly to heights that would not otherwise be possible. As a thank you for your support, you will;

  • Receive an annual certificate of appreciation. 

  • Bee recognized on our website.

  • Bee recognized in our monthly HiveMind Newsletter.

  • Receive an invitation to attend AWAKE: Oneness Tribe’s Annual Honeycomb Club Dinner that honors our member's contributions.

*Looking for more ways to be involved? Visit the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe ‘Get Involved’ page for information on additional levels of involvement within AWAKE: Oneness Tribe.
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