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Programs & Facilitators

The Journey’s Path

The Journey’s Path is a family owned and operated Metaphysical Wellness Center located in the far western suburb of West Chicago.  Not only will you love their retail store's beautiful selection, such as crystal and tibetan singing bowls, crystal jewelry, Tarot and Oracle cards, and so much more, but their menu of services and schedule of events is designed for you to be able to connect with one of their energy attuned practitioners for a Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, Healing Touch, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, or another unique experience that can help you regain your balance in this crazy life.  Or join in the fun for a Sound Bath, a Gong Wash, or a class or workshop.  Monthly free events such as moon meditations and drumming circles ensure everyone has an opportunity to work on their wellness. You also won’t want to miss their monthly Enlightened Journeys Mini Expo, which are the 2nd Saturday of every month.  Here you can try something new, with a “mini service for a mini price”.  Admission to the expo and parking are always free!  The Journey’s Path is right on Route 59, about 1 mile south of North Avenue and is open 7 days a week for your convenience.  For their event calendar and tickets, visit

Self Honoring Workshop with Art of Being Facilitator Gina Hornbogan

Do you ever feel like you're unheard or completely misunderstood?  Do you try to keep everyone happy around you, but no matter how hard you try everyone is still not happy?  Do you long for more peace, relaxation or ease?  Join Gina as she introduces a new modality that honors you - with a by-product of blessings for those around you!

Qigong with Al Burian  

Thousands of studies have shown Qigong effective in helping to heal life challenges ranging from high blood pressure, chronic illness, hyperactivity and Autism to emotional frustration, mental stress, and spiritual crisis.  Qigong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.  Al will show you how Qigong enhances our ability to feel the Life Force underlying the physical world and how to deepen your communication with it.

Working with the Monthly Lunar Cycle with Lisa Hagenbuch

Just as the Moon affects the tides of the ocean, it also impacts our daily lives. There are specific actions you can take at each phase of the monthly lunar cycle to co-create the life you desire. In this workshop, you will learn how to harness the potential of the Moon’s 8 monthly phases to be in greater flow, harmony, and intentional manifestation of your goals. There are also affirmations to invoke during each phase, as well as rituals you can perform to enhance and amplify your results.

Vibrational Sound Experiential Workshop with Dave Miller and Gina Hornbogan

Vibrational Sound is an ancient and completely holistic way to help yourself and others reconnect the body, mind, emotions and spirit to find balance.  Learn and experience how to use a variety of vibrational sound instruments on the body and within the auric field to effect change for relaxation, stress and pain relief, energetic cleansing and overall balance.  Vibrational Sound Therapy is great for all ages and especially good for those who are too young, too frail or energetically sensitive for more hands on modalities, such as massage.  You will walk away empowered with techniques you can use in everyday life for yourself, for others and for the spaces you live in.

Meditation for Daily Life with Christine Casey

Bring yourself back to center with Meditation Teacher and Life Coach Christine Casey.  Reconnect your body, mind and spirit, allowing you to be more at peace, have better focus and learn to live in the moment.

Soma Yoga Studio


Culture at sOMa studio is inclusive of people of all ages, abilities, and body shapes. We are beginner friendly with our Gentle yoga, and Restorative classes, which offer modifications, clear directions with the opportunity to build a pose and deepen your practice suggesting alternative options in each posture. honor your body where you are, today, and trust the instructor will lead you through a calm, relaxing, physical and spiritual experience. We celebrate all body types and offer Curvy yoga classes promoting confidence and self-love. We offer yoga, sound healings, full moon circles, Shamanic healing workshops among many other workshop offerings with the purpose of making an impact and assisting others to find their light and balance. 

sOMa teachers are friendly, relatable, and welcoming, creating an easy & serene atmosphere.


Strength/Vinyasa by Stephen Butler

In Strength Vinyasa class, specific poses and sequences are designed to help students access and understand their core which improves alignment and stability as well as connecting the mind. Expect a dynamic yoga flow with emphasis on breath to movement.


Slow Flow Yoga by Lauren Blomquist

The pace is meditative, emphasizing peace and calm in body and mind. We hold poses longer, taking several rounds of breath in each pose, instead of moving to each breath.


Gentle Yoga by Darlene Gerlick

A great place to begin by learning the basics in a slow pace implementing modifications to ease into a regular yoga practice for beginners & all levels.


Vinyasa and Guided Meditation by Denise Espinosa

Vinyasa yoga is a creative form of yoga where poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. We will end in a long savasana/ guided meditation.


Sound Healing Meditation by Jenny Bergold

If you’re looking for a way to relax and de-stress, sound healing may be the answer for you! Given that everything, including ourselves, has a vibrational frequency, it’s only natural that sound frequencies influence our emotions. Sound healing is a type of therapy that uses sound vibrations to improve your health and well-being. Based on ancient wisdom, the gong vibrates at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself. The gong balances the central nervous system and aids in deep meditation. Singing crystals and Tibetan bowls will also be added to raise the vibration and heighten the experience.


ASTA MALCIUTE / Astartliving Inc / 

Asta is a Chicago-based, women’s circle facilitator, trauma-informed somatic release breathwork practitioner, shamanic energy healer, and intuitive mentor. She has been facilitating various conscious events & coaching women since 2018. Her mission is to create a safe space for women to HEAL & STEP INTO THEIR POWER. 

Sister Wound Healing Circle

Join Sister Wound Healing Circle led by Asta to learn more about this wound we,  women, carry for centuries deep in our bones. Become aware of ways to heal it. 

Soul Sister Conversations 

Join the circle of women for deep soul conversations to connect deeper to yourself and others.



IG: @flycacaowoman

FB: Samanta Skrajune

Samanta is a Cacao Medicine Woman and Radical Awakening Mentor,  guiding women into unleashing their creativity, their raw authenticity and their full expression of Self. 

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao medicine is known for its powerful healing modalities, for the body, mind and Spirit. You will experience a deep sensation of your heart opening, a stillness of your mind ,and absolute presence with your body. In this Cacao Ceremony we will strengthen our voices, and claim our sovereignty through chanting. 


Website/ Social Media links:

Email :


Cher, founder of Lotus Moon, is a visionary leader, empowering women through the transformative power of divine intuition. With a nurturing spirit and a deep connection to the mystical realms, Cher guides and inspires, creating a sacred space where women can tap into their innate wisdom and unleash their true potential. Through enchanting aerial yoga, bunny yoga, drumming workshops, and the magical art of moonlit fairy hair, Cher weaves together intuition, wellness and fun guiding others on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Join her on this soul-stirring journey, and awaken the divine intuition that resides within you.

Resonant Affirmations: A Sisterhood Drumming Experience

This powerful drumming experience will allow you to connect with your intuition and get in touch with where you need healing and release. Together, we will explore the beat of our own hearts and find our internal rhythm. Using affirmations, we will harness the power of sound to create a resonant healing experience that is unique to you and will uplift and inspire. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your inner self and sisterhood in a profound way.




Eco-Artist, Writer, Creative Nature Doula/Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, EcoNidra Practitioner, Creativity Rising Global Community Coordinator. 

EcoNIDRA™ Where Shavasana meets Nature Connection. 

Imagine yourself lying down and being guided on a journey through your senses, body,  and Earth. With a Rotation of Consciousness and a series of nature-based visualizations and soundscapes. Your mind, emotions, and body will relax in such a deep way that you may feel more refreshed than after a couple of hours of sleep. This is the power of EcoNIDRA™, a blend of Forest Therapy and yoga nidra with ancient roots and scientifically proven healing and transformational effects. 


Alexandra is An Intuitive Healing Arts & Holistic Wellness Facilitator. Trauma-Informed Somatic Catalyst. Conscious Energy Alchemist. Assisting in Bridging the connection with Body, Mind & Soul for optimal Wholeness from 2016. 

Divine Feminine Movement Light Codes

Connecting women to their signature sensual essence through Yoga, breath & conscious mindfulness. In a supported energetic environment for self-healing, expression & release.

SARAH MARIA ELIEL ENOCH / Omega Holistic Wellness Enoch LLC 

Guided Meditation of the Inner Child with Crystal Sound Bath Journey


Ig: @osavickas ; Fb: @AOSaviskas 

Anne (Onute) Savickas is a registered nurse, ordained minister, spiritual advisor, pranic healer, and energy worker. She regularly facilitates drum/gong circles, guided meditations, various workshops, and classes that promote wellness, personal empowerment, and healing. Anne has studied and continues her studies with various Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Teachers from various traditions.

Guided Energy Healing Session

Come and be nourished by Love and receive Blessings that await.


New arrival to Chicagoland from NYC, Amy Silverman founded The Connection Movement and Connection Camp to advance her mission of repairing the global social fabric. Amy is invested in fostering community, teaching empathic communication strategies that build bridges, and training leaders to do the same. Since 2012, The Connection Movement and Connection Camp make groups more human-centered by facilitating training, hosting connective events, designing and producing small to large-scale public activations, coaching small groups, and consulting organizations and businesses.

Art of Feminine Leadership 

Explore leading yourself and others from an integrated and embodied sense of Presence, Connection, Agility, and Vulnerability.  Through playful exercises, we will focus on aspects of the relational and communication toolkit needed to engage with others in ways that promote a sense of safety, trust, and connection. Based on the attendees’ requests, skills that may be explored include: navigating boundaries, giving and receiving feedback, identifying and communicating needs, setting context and expectations, and more.

Healing Arts Metaphysical Center


It’s our belief and philosophy that harmony and balance must exist in the physical, emotional and spiritual planes to facilitate each individual’s spiritual journey. 


Healing Arts Metaphysical Center provides services and products based on different healing modalities with the goal of bringing harmony and balance into all aspects of your daily lives. Their services & products include an extensive collection of energy tools based on Shamanic Principles, Energy Work and Holistic Services.

Animal Tarot Gallery Reading by Rodrigo Duque

The Animal Tarot is a version of the Tarot based on the Native American traditions where animals are seen as teachers placed on the earth for the benefit of humans. Animals have messages for all the circumstances we come across in our life path. A Gallery style reading will provide each participant with a message/insight provided by an Animal Teacher.

The Power Of Breath by Rimi Duque

Discover the power and benefits of proper breathing and what it can do for your health. You’ll learn how turning an unconscious act into a conscious one can change your physiological state, mood, mental and emotional health.

Introduction To Psychic Mediumship by Angelica Costa

Psychic Mediumship is used to facilitate a deeper connection within yourself, to gain clarity on your pathway, receive loving messages from spirit and loved ones. As well as receive guidance, gain more clarity and understanding on who you are and where you are headed on your life journey.

Animal Tarot Gallery Reading by Rodrigo Duque

The Animal Tarot is a version of the Tarot based on the Native American traditions where animals are seen as teachers placed on the earth for the benefit of humans. Animals have messages for all the circumstances we come across in our life path. A Gallery style reading will provide each participant with a message/insight provided by an Animal Teacher.

Shamanic Group Healing by Rodrigo Duque

Participants are guided to a meditative state with the help of sound vibrations While in the meditative state, everyone is scanned for energy blockages and imbalances. Each participant then receives an energy healing treatment based on their unique situation.


YogaSix Geneva

YogaSix Geneva is locally owned & operated and located in downtown Geneva. We believe yoga is for everyBODY & we welcome everyone into our space, making yoga accessible for each individual. You will leave class feeling energized & empowered!


Classes on Sunday:


11am: Y6 Sculpt Flow with Trish Dazzo

This class will start off with vinyasa flow. There will be one sculpting block, containing body weight exercises. The class will end with cooling relaxing postures.


12pm: Y6 Power Flow with Trish Dazzo

This class will be invigorating, energizing vinyasa flow ending with relaxing, restorative poses.


1pm: Y6 Slow Flow with Leigh Borge

This class will move breath to movement at a slower pace and is accessible for all! Experience vinyasa, ending with restorative poses.


2pm: Y6 101 with Leigh Borge

This class is for everyone! This class moves at a slow pace and breaks down common yoga postures, with breaks in between to catch your breath.


3pm: Y6 Restorative Yoga with Leigh Borge

This class will hold postures for 2-5 minutes to really stretch and lengthen the body. This is a gentle, relaxing class for all!

Evening Entertainers

Nana Shuni Giron


Nana Shuni Giron is an internationally recognized Guatemalan Ceremonial leader, teacher, Mayan Astrologer, Mayan Ajq’iij - Day Keeper and Spiritual Guide, who has led many Mayan fire ceremonies around the world.


She has taught the ancient way of Maya wisdom and the art science of Mayan time keeping. Nan Shuni is a shamanic healer; she holds a degree in Naturopathic medicine and alternative therapies. She is the spiritual guardian of the oral tales and traditions of the Sacred “Popol Vuh”, a book of Maya that resides at the New Berry Library in Chicago today. She is President of Kasa Kame; a Guatemalan non-profit organization founded 2009 that is dedicated to the transformation of the human spirit, through the use of alternative therapies, active consciousness, environmental awareness, artistic performance and cultural exchange.


Nikini Fire Flower

Nikini Fire Flower is a lover of many forms of art and movement. She is a poet, yoga teacher and sometimes a photographer. She loves other art forms, but fire is what truly lights up her soul! She began performing with fire at age 14 with her fire batons and never lost the passion for the flames. She is a multi-prop performer using batons, levi wand, dragon staff, fans and more. Learning new props is always a part of her world and she lives for creative exploration. She also performs with flow props including silk fans, LED baton and more.

Nikini is an Organizer for the Chicago Full Moon Jam, helping to share the art of fire flow with thousands of people. She performs at the Full Moon Jam events and teaches fire safety for fire performers. Bringing new people into the world of fire is a source of joy! She believes that we all have a creative spirit within us, we just need to embrace it. She loves teaching people of all ages.

Nikini performs at fire jams, festivals, parades as well as private events. Her performances are dynamic and mesmerizing! She is continually grateful for every opportunity to intrigue and inspire! Follow her on Instagram: yogafirechick21


Ecstatic Dance is a free movement space in which dance expands, spirit activates and beauty flows. As a community we are connected the whole time, even if we dance by ourselves. We create a safe space for people of all ages, skill levels and social/cultural backgrounds to come explore the deep benefits of unstructured dance. Kids are welcome!

What To Expect:

✨We will start with guided Movement and Breathwork to help ease into the flow of dancing.

✨We will be flowing to Garret Rhea’s Album: Between Earth and Sky

✨We will end with Intense and Immersive Drumming by Taylor and Garret that will get us shaking our body to the rhythm of our Souls!

Between Earth and Sky is offered by the artist as a tool for upliftment. Infused with intentions for peace, wellness, personal and spiritual growth, the music is meant to help access a sense of inner Oneness to connect with our higher selves.

Garret Rhea has been playing guitar and singing for 15 years. His passion is teaching people about the Universe so that they can lead Strong, Smart, and Happy lives. He brings this philosophy and teaching background to his songwriting through emotional and life-journey centered lyrics. Healing and growth can happen through any medium, and Garret’s music is aimed at bringing people together and helping them discover Truth.

Garret has played many venues over the years, including Joe’s live in Schaumburg, and four times on the main stage at The House of Blues in Chicago.

“Take a deep look at the outside, see that it’s not everything. If it were there’d be nothing to bring… Every Life Can Be A Star – a light in the dark”

Scott is a bassist and a Buddhist. He is happily married with two cats. He enjoys exploring music of all kinds. He maintains a private bass studio and is on faculty at the Merit School of Music.



An opportunity to gather safely, not be judged, listen and join others rhythmically as much as you wish comfortably.

Enjoy the benefits of drumming for the mind, body, and soul.

Come to listen, meditate, dance, play, or pray if you wish. Please join us peacefully, without confrontation or interruption, and with an open mindset to new sounds and rhythm. Please Rsvp and bring anyone! Also, bring a single HAND drum to play or extra Hand drums for others to learn (stands are ok, but chairs are not always available)Yoga Mats encouraged. Please take breaks, listen, and don't forget to occasionally be the silent addition to the circle. (no hot doggin'rock stars, please!LOL) Alcohol, cigarette smoking/vaping, and distracted young children are discouraged within the eyesight/sound/reach of the sanctuary of the drum circle.

Mike Lyon: Single dad of 4, Grad student, NIU Grad Teacher Assistant in Art Ed., Store Coach at Trader Joe’s, Soccer Coach, and volunteer UU Chaplain. I’m thrilled to be back in school after almost 20 years. So long ago, the intent was to finish school with a teaching certificate, but the world of glass-blowing took its hold. It greatly distracted me from obtaining my teaching certification and ending with a BS focusing on glass.  I had a studio for many years and a remodeling company in the western suburbs of Chicago until the housing market crash in the mid-2000s. This shut everything down. The glass equipment was also sold with the news of our 4th child.  I still am a guest artist sometimes and produce art and music.  I am pursuing my K-12 certification at NIU to make a long-time dream a reality.




This ensemble of three soul sisters; Treya Jaholkowska, Shannon Chada and Jessica Castro, have come together to form this beautiful vocal collaboration & healing musical journey. 

“Soul Lullabies” sprang from their deep love for singing Medicine Songs. These songs-from-the-soul come in every language and are thriving throughout many cultures across the globe. 

For example, Sanskrit Mantras are Medicine Songs that have survived well over 5,000 years and are still being actively chanted by billions around the globe today. Additionally, indigenous songs from North and South America were born in sacred ceremonies and have the power to help return us to the essence of ceremony for the restoration of balance.

Inherent to Medicine Music are prayers, codes, intentions and vibrations; which elevate, connect and promote a type of healing connection. Above all they call to us, asking if we are ready for drawing out the very best part of ourselves.

The Sisters of Soul Lullabies share these sacred sounds as a gift to humanity for the purpose of uplifting and connecting those whose ears and hearts are open to receive them.



Welcome to their dream! That our collective consciousness rises together in love through sacred sound ceremonies, mediation and conscious music.

Treya Jaholkowska and “Chahé,” Chad Soderholm, are Sound Journey Meditation facilitators, blending a variety of ancient, traditional and contemporary instruments from many cultures into a unique sonic experience. 

Together they created a unique style incorporating a variety of eclectic instruments, like drums, gongs, Native flutes, Tibetan and crystal bowls, reverie harp, didgeridoo, koto, ukulele and more. All set against a backdrop of Sanskrit chants, healing songs and guided meditation, which produces a unique soundscape that helps elicit a more balanced and blissful state of being. 

Harmonic frequencies create the pathway to a place of stillness. By using specific rhythm and frequency, we entrain our brainwaves to a more peaceful and relaxed state of health and well-being. For Treya and Chahe music has been an ever deepening catalyst for healing and they are honored to share this vibrational medicine with others.

Originally from Chicago, in 2018 Chahé and Treya formed the Dreamweavers Collective in Phoenix, AZ. They offer Sound Journeys, meditation classes, ceremonies and facilitate unique mindfulness experiences around the country.

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Programs, Facilitators, & Entertainers

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