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As a community, we work together to make sure that ONENESS FEST is a safe, fun, and sacred space for everyone.  During the festival, please maintain awareness of your own actions and how they may affect others.  


Also be aware of those around you, and if they might need assistance, or if a situation may become unsafe.  Please report any unsafe situations as soon as possible to ONENESS FEST staff by going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours).


ONENESS FEST staff do their best to keep everyone at the festival safe at all times. If anyone does anything resulting in you feeling unsafe, or you witness a situation that may become unsafe, please inform an ONENESS FEST staff member immediately at the Info Booth (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours). ONENESS FEST staff take all safety concerns very seriously.


Physical & Mental Health Conditions

Conditions that may require medication and/or periodical medical attention should be reported to the Safety Office. Bring ample supply of medications. Doctor's permission will be required for persons with health conditions that require ongoing support from Safety Staff. You may also be required to bring a support person with you.


Medical Emergencies

If a person loses consciousness or becomes seriously ill, do not move them unless they are in physical danger. Contact Safety Staff immediately to get help or send someone to the First Aid Center. Only professionally trained persons should deal with these emergencies.


Bugs & Insects

We will be sharing space with Mosquitos and ticks. Both can carry disease. Please plan accordingly and bring with you adequate mosquito and tick repellent. If you discover that you have a tick on you, visit the Safety Office for assistance. 


Exposure to the Elements

This is an outdoor event. Bring warm clothing for cool evenings (may get down into the 50s F) and cool clothing for warm days (usually in 70s-90s F). Be sure to stay hydrated. Having an electrolyte drink on hand can be helpful to replace electrolytes. If you start feeling unwell, visit the Safety Office. If you are unable to do so, please have someone visit the Safety Office and bring a Safety Officer to you.


Respect & Responsibility

You are responsible for your welfare and the welfare of any minors in your care, your personal property, and the personal property of any minors in your care. You and any minors in your care shall respect all participants, including those different from you in spiritual tradition, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, race, or in any other way. You must be quiet in designated quiet areas and ritual spaces and during designated quiet hours; be honest, trustworthy and considerate in dealing with others including ONENESS FEST staff and Venue Staff; respect the site, plants, animals, and all the Nature Spirits that dwell there. All participants must abide by the guidelines as posted on the website and in the program guide.


Sexuality & Consent

People have many differing comfort levels regarding flirtation and sexual behavior. What one person can intend as playful banter can instead come off as harassing or threatening. Be mindful of the comfort and boundaries of those around you at all times, and if someone expresses discomfort, change your behavior immediately!


Only sex between consenting adults is permitted! Make sure that you have unambiguous consent before initiating any sexual activity. Be aware that inebriation can impair the ability of people to give consent. When in doubt, err on the side of stopping all sexual activity until the safety and consent of all participants has been clearly established.


If someone behaves in a sexual manner that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, ask them to stop. If the person does not stop after you have requested this, then please notify ONENESS FEST staff by going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours). Similarly, if you observe a situation where you feel someone else may be unsafe, please let us know immediately. Please make this report as soon as possible, including late at night if necessary. 


ONENESS FEST takes the safety and comfort of all participants very seriously. Please inform ONENESS FEST staff of any problematic situation or incident so that we can help ensure ONENESS FEST is a safe space for all.


All sexual activity must be conducted in private, personal space. Please be discreet. Practice safe sex, and insist that any partners you have practice safe sex too! If you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), be responsible and discuss this with any partners before having sex. Be aware that people can be carriers of AIDS and/or other STIs without knowing this. Preventative devices (condoms, dental dams, etc.), when used properly, help prevent the spread of STIs. 


Sometimes participants, excited by the freedoms and possibilities at ONENESS FEST, get involved in new sexual relationships without considering how it will impact themselves and existing relationships after the festival ends. Take time to reflect on the implications of new relationships before you act. 


Harassment & Touching

It is your responsibility to monitor your own behavior and ensure that your words or actions do not harm, harass, or threaten other ONENESS FEST participants. Harassment can include, but is not limited to, offensive comments, unwanted touching, stalking, unwanted flirting or sexual behaviors.


Always ask before touching anyone and be mindful of others' comfort and boundaries at all times. Even when the intention of touch comes from a place of care, do not assume – always ask before touching!  During a cathartic experience, it is particularly important not to assume that someone may want or welcome a hug or other contact.  Ask before touching, and be willing to accept 'no' politely.


If someone touches you or addresses you in a way that results in feeling uncomfortable, do not hesitate to make that person aware of your feelings and ask that the objectionable behavior stop. If the person does not stop after you have requested this, then notify Safety staff by going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours).  Please make this report as soon as possible during the incident or after the incident occurs.


Sex Offenders

ONENESS FEST does not permit those listed on the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry to attend the festival. You are obligated to identify yourself.


Fires & Fire Emergencies

Campfires are NOT permitted. In the event of a fire, shout for help immediately, report to ONENESS FEST staff, and notify the Safety Center. Fire extinguishers are in certain buildings on site and at the Information Booth + Safety Center.


Firearms, Weapons, & Fireworks

All firearms, weapons, and fireworks are absolutely prohibited, including those in locked cars.  Do not bring any form of firearm, weapon, or firework to ONENESS FEST.


Alcohol, Tobacco, & Drugs

ONENESS FEST is an alcohol, tobacco, and drug free event. No sale, barter, or use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is permitted. The use or possession of illegal drugs is absolutely prohibited at ONENESS FEST. All local laws must be obeyed at all times regarding any controlled substance or medications.

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