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Expand your personal and professional network as a holistic health or spiritual provider.

Find clients and grow your business.

Learn from like-minded practitioners, vendors, and educators.



If your business does NOT provide holistic health or spiritual services/products, there is still an opportunity for you to be showcased on our site! The AWAKE: Oneness Tribe Directory is reserved for any business owner/operator whose beliefs align with those of AWAKE: Oneness Tribe.

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AWAKE: Oneness Tribe Providers include a variety of holistic health, wellness, and spiritual practitioners, facilitators, educators, and vendors. Providers continue to practice their trade and offer their gifts to the world with the added bonus of a significantly expanded network and a service that refers clients to participating providers. As we grow our team of Providers, our Providers grow their businesses, and members receive more opportunities for growth and healing.


AWAKE has created a questionnaire called the Provider Referral Request Form for members requesting assistance in finding the right provider. After completing the assessment, the member is matched with a provider who best meets the needs and preferences listed. When we are able to determine a good client-provider fit, we increase client satisfaction and commitment to a provider. Trust in the system allows for expansion of our community, and therefore more potential clients for providers.

Become a Provider and receive the following:

  • A listing in our online directory displayed on our website and advertised in our monthly email blast (1,500+ Recipients)

  • Ability to post events in our Facebook community seen by more than 2,000 Tribe members

  • Access to our referral program:

    • Potential clients receive referrals to our providers from AWAKE: Oneness Tribe

  • Access to local venues for hosting events

    • Make use of the strategic partnerships that AWAKE has made. Venues include local spiritual/wellness centers, parks districts, libraries, restaurants/businesses and private residences.

  • $10 towards the printing of your business cards

  • Access to our Tips & Tricks Resource Library for building your practice

  • Free access to AWAKE's Northwest, West and South Suburban Meet-Up pages for posting your events (MeetUp normally charges Event Hosts $25/month for an account)

  • Designated announcements to advertise your monthly deals and promotions in the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe Facebook group

  • An 11% discount on AWAKE: Oneness Tribe expo table rental fees

  • A complimentary membership to our Healers.Healing.Healers Program:

    • A program designed as a way for our Providers to get to know one another and familiarize themselves with other services

    • Every Provider receives two tickets per quarter. They can choose with which Provider they want to use their tickets. 

Questions? Email Casey Adkins, Director of Provider Services, at or

click to schedule a consultation.

We are constantly improving this program and always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to serve our Providers. Stay tuned for a lot of exciting updates and changes to the program options. 

*Looking for more ways to be involved? Visit the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe ‘Get Involved’ page for information on additional levels of involvement within AWAKE: Oneness Tribe.
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