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Reason for the Season


Join AWAKE: Oneness Tribe in honoring and celebrating the reason for each of the four seasons. Join us virtually via Facebook lives and posts over 4 weeks (per season) as we love ourselves into a higher frequency. Then, the Saturday before each solstice/equinox, join us for an in-person event to celebrate the new season and your commitment to your growth and wellness.

What are Solstices & Equinoxes?

We are an extension of the Earth.

As the Earth changes seasons, our body, mind, and spirit change with it.

The moment we choose to respect and honor each season as it was intentionally designed,

we reach a new level of internal harmony and wellness.


Solstices & Equinoxes mark the start of a new season.

Spring Equinox: Planting & Renewal

Summer Solstice: Blossoming & Shining Your Light

Autumn Equinox: Harvesting & Letting Go

Winter Solstice: Hibernation & Going Within

Why Honor the Seasons Within?

Wellness is not a goal; it is a journey.

Wellness is self-love, self-respect, and understanding.

We are here to help you!

Learn about yourself, become grounded with the Earth,

respect your internal seasons, and live your Truth.

When you find your internal peace, your light shines brightly from within,

and you attract an abundance of positivity and love.

Learn from us, learn from your Tribe, and we will learn from all of you!

Walk with us on the journey to a happier, healthier, more authentic you!


You deserve this! You BEElong here!

Event Outline

Join us for the 4 weeks leading up to each solstice and equinox as we share ways to welcome and grow with the changing seasons.

  • 4 Consecutive Tuesdays: Interactive Facebook Live (Video will be saved to allow for viewing at a later time.)

  • 4 Consecutive Thursdays & Saturdays: Interactive Facebook Posts

  • The Saturday before each equinox/solstice: Join us in person to celebrate the new season and your commitment to loving yourself into a higher frequency!


(Be on the lookout for each of these events for specific dates.)

My Passion Project

For a long time, I was living in a constant state of trying to control everything in my life. I measured success through tangible achievements. I was always looking for the next thing, never truly appreciating the beauty of my journey. I was a perfectionist, and my mind and body had to follow suit. What did that look like? The good days were great! I was proud of myself. I was happy when I accomplished something. But… I was also stressed most of the time. I was disappointed a lot. I “failed” a lot. I broke down a lot. My heart was still pure, so I was constantly pouring from a near-empty cup, giving away more than I was allowing myself to take. What a miserable way to live, constantly disrespecting my soul and the natural change of seasons it needs to thrive.


And then came the butterfly effect. A single event started me on a 4 year journey that changed everything. I learned about the Earth’s frequency and ours, energy, the moon cycles, astrology, the quantum field, and the list goes on. If they seem too “woo-woo,” know there is science to back it all up (which was extremely important to me at the start of my journey)! With a little knowledge, patience, and self-respect, I was able to shift my perspective, break subconscious patterns that were not serving me, and change my reality.


You have the power to literally change your entire life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone through this, so, here I am, to share it with you! We grow through life for a reason, and I know mine is to be able to meet people where they’re at in their life journey and guide them to where they want to be…where their soul wants them to be.

I am so excited to be here with you. Join us as we all learn and grow together.

Love, Lauren

Meet Your Host(s)

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 2_31_13 PM.png.webp
J. Currie

Certified Oneness Coach
Transformation Coach
Ordained Minister
Meditation Instructor
Author & Keynote Speaker
Amanda Olejarz.jpg
Amanda Olejarz
Amandala Coaching


​Holistic Health Coach
Spiritual & Shamanic Life Coach
Energy Healer
Massage Therapist

Larissa Hill
Love & Honor Studios

Clarity, Confidence, & Connection Coach

Kirsten Canoy_edited.jpg
Dr. Kirsten Canoy, ND
Natural & Intuitive Wellness

Naturopathic Doctor
Ancestral Clearing &
NET Practitioner
Expert Light Worker
Energy Healer Guide & Coach
Christine Wolk
Sage & Stardust

Reiki Practitioner
EFT/TPT Practitioner

Lauren Lyman Bio.png
Lauren Lyman, MS OTR/L
The Lyman Effect

Certified Oneness Coach
Occupational Therapist
Intuitive & Holistic Wellness Coach
Interpersonal Relationships & Family Dynamics Coach
_Pam Tunget_ Assistant Director.jpg
Pam Tunget
Held Space Healing

Reiki Master Teacher
Sound Facilitator


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