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AWAKE: Oneness Tribe is a place where seekers in the local community can come together, be heard, be valued, and be seen. AWAKE acknowledges the value of being part of an open-minded community of people who are eager to learn and grow together. Every member’s unique personality and talents are valued and appreciated.

There are three founding principles of this organization:

  1. To form a local nucleus of like-minded individuals dedicated to mental, physical and spiritual development. 

  2. Embrace diversity in all forms as an essential component of our growth and development as a collective.

  3. Apply the highest standards of excellence to our conduct not only with fellow Tribe members but with the world-at-large. "Be the change you hope to see in the world!"

The community is administered by holistic health, wellness, and/or spiritual providers dedicated to offering valuable content and guidance to the members.

Our Founding Beliefs

Regardless of what is happening in the outside world, AWAKE is a place where people can communicate freely, without fear of judgment, and participate in events to improve all aspects of health: physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual. In creating such a community, each member has the opportunity to enhance his/her self-worth while answering the question, “Who am I?” Members can then, in turn, help others to do the same. We are all on our own journey, but when we have the love and support of people walking alongside us, we have the greatest opportunity for growth.


AWAKE: Oneness Tribe was founded on three beliefs:

1. A state of wellness requires the harmonious balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Health is not an end goal, but rather a lifelong commitment to love oneself and grow through life's challenges. Thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions all emit energy and attract similar energy into your life. A victim mindset prevents us from achieving our full potential and living our Truth. We all hold the power to change our lives in a profound way by changing our self-limiting beliefs, subconscious thoughts, and behavioral patterns.

2. We are all walking our own path of Truth. Each person's journey deserves respect and compassion. It is important to meet people where they are at on their journey and offer support as they move forward on the path that feels right for them. Change and growth can be uncomfortable and difficult. A culture of love and mutual respect increases self-worth and confidence while sending positive energy. Positive energy attracts more positive energy, while the negative energy that holds us back falls out of our orbit.

3. As individuals, we cannot help everyone; but as a collective, we can change the world. Sometimes, certain personalities clash, someone is not comfortable with the type of service offered, or something just feels "off." Conforming, settling, or trying to force something to work only hurts both parties. Follow your gut with no reservations. We understand the importance of the right fit - the right service provider, the right social circle, the right calling - and we are dedicated to ensuring you find yours.

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