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Use your current skillset in a profound and meaningful way.

Make new friends and have new experiences while working alongside like-minded people.

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Help us make a difference!


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Volunteers create, plan, and perform important tasks, playing a vital role in ensuring;

  • The voices of our members are heard, and we are developing programs tailored to their interests and needs.

  • Our events, workshops, and day-to-day operations are managed, supported, and constantly improving.

  • AWAKE remains a personable, safe, and trusted non-profit for all involved: our members, our volunteers, and our leadership team.​​​​​​​​​​

AWAKE: Oneness Tribe is comprised of the following committees:​

  • Outreach & Communications
    The Outreach Committee is responsible for not only for crafting our messaging, branding and social media presence, but also for making sure that message is shared to new audiences across Chicagoland. This includes being present at festivals and events, building our brand, creating social media campaigns, producing our HiveMind newsletter and working with aligned non-profits. The Outreach Committee interacts with the local community to ensure AWAKE: Oneness Tribe is not only expanding, but also meeting the needs of those we serve.
  • Stewardship
    ​The Stewardship Committee is the heart and soul of the Tribe. Responsible for the care-taking of the members. That's done through hosting the weekly Vibe With Your Tribe events, managing the Facebook community, hosting our Conflict Resolution Counsel and staying tuned into our Small Group Coordinators, who represent and communicate the needs of our Tribe members to the leadership team based on their areas of focus (Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Singles, Youth & Families, Sages, Energy Healers, Artists, Warrior Spirit, and Bee Keepers).
  • Interfaith
    The Interfaith committee is responsible for managing our partnerships with the various religious and spiritual organizations that are a part of AWAKE: Oneness Tribe. This committee also manages the Interfaith Council which hosts various panel discussion events.
  • Events
    The Events Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing our Seasonal Events (Oneness Fest, Taste of the Tribe, Winter Fest, The Spring Seed Swap), retreats and expos.
  • Finance
    The Finance Committee is responsible for creating and managing the organization's budget and accounting. Our Donor Experience team keeps records of all of our donors as well as ensures that our donors are receiving the recognition and gratitude they deserve. This includes our esteemed Honeycomb Club. Additionally, this committee hosts a team that works to secure grants.
  • Provider Services
    The Provider Services committee is responsible for creating exciting opportunities for our Provider and Business Members. This includes managing the 'Find A Provider' Directory, developing benefits and growth opportunities for members of our Provider Plans, onboarding and managing our team of Providers, management of the 'Spiritual Journey Passport' program, the Networking Club and Oneness Certification.
  • Operations
    The Operations Committee oversees the day to day business and is responsible for the care-taking of our committee directors.
  • Volunteer Services
    Volunteer Services recruits and manages all of the talented and passionate people that have chosen to invest their time with us. They also create initiatives to recognize and demonstrate the Tribe's appreciation for all of the volunteers that make this nonprofit function.

Every committee has its own Director. Committee Members and Directors work together to determine which role is the most appealing and well-suited for each volunteer.

Reciprocity and knowledge sharing is the foundation of successful communities. We commit to your growth by offering the following key benefits:

  • The ability to expand your professional and social networks

  • Experience as an influencer of positive change

  • First look access to internship and employment opportunities within our network of providers and businesses

  • ...and many more!

We thank you for your interest in and dedication to AWAKE: Oneness Tribe and its mission. We truly could not do this without the contribution of incredible people like you. Keep shining your light and spreading your love! We are here to support you, and we appreciate you!

*Looking for more ways to be involved? Visit the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe ‘Get Involved’ page for information on additional levels of involvement within AWAKE: Oneness Tribe.
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