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Please keep the "interview" conversational, not a Q&A. We want our volunteers to get to know AWAKE and whoever they are on the phone with. We want them to feel our passion and dedication as we speak. As we get excited, they will get excited! Keep it light, and make it fun! Thank you!

Volunteer Information Form

AWAKE: Oneness Tribe was founded on three beliefs:

1. A state of wellness requires the harmonious balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

2. We are all walking our own path of Truth. Each person's journey deserves respect and compassion

3. As individuals, we cannot help everyone; but as a collective, we can change the world

Committee Recommendation
Is this person a holistic health, wellness, and/or spiritual provider, educator, or vendor interested in becoming a provider for AWAKE?
Did you explain our directory and the option for this person to sign up to be on our directory? (This is for most businesses, not just holistic and spiritual providers.)

Emails will automatically be sent to Please forward the responses to the Director(s) of the Committee(s) selected. Thank you for taking the time to personally welcome this person and find a good fit within the Tribe.

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