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Join us for [few word event description]

at [location] in [town] on [date], [time]!


[2 sentences describing why someone would want to attend]


-[list of what will be at the event: services, products, food, etc.]-


*Looking for more ways to be involved? Visit the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe ‘Get Involved’ page.








-[List of Activities]-


Raffle Prizes

1 complimentary raffle prize per person.
$5 per ticket; $20 for 5 tickets.

Purchase at the event or contact us by [date].

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[Length] [Service],

[Provider Name]

(a $[typical price] value)

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[Name of Product],

(Made) by [Name of Person/Company]

(a $[typical price] value)






with [Provider Name],
[Company Name]

[Description of class]


(Click each name to access the practitioner's website)

Welcome Table

Welcome to AWAKE: Oneness Tribe! Meet your Tribe leaders and learn what makes this community so incredibly special.

You Belong Here.

J. Currie

Certified Oneness Coach, Meditation Instructor, Author & Keynote Speaker

Lauren Lyman, The Lyman Effect

Occupational Therapist, Certified Oneness Coach, Intuitive & Holistic Wellness Coach, Personal Relationships & Family Dynamics Coach

[Name of Business]
[Provider Name & Credentials]

[Table offerings]

[Other services provided by provider]

Event Details

[Day], [Date]

[Start Time]-[End Time]


[Street Address]

[City], IL [Zip Code]

[Instructions for parking and how to find the event if needed. Map on the right only for forest-preserve type of events where it may be more difficult to find the event itself. Otherwise, just center the Google map on the page.]


*For questions or assistance the day of the event, please call [event leader] at

[phone number]. We will not be able to check social media or texts.

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*Check out more events.
*Looking for ways to be involved? Visit the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe ‘Get Involved’ page.
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