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Join us for a holistic health, wellness, and spirituality fest

at Churchill Woods in Lombard on September 11th, 2023 (12pm-6pm)


Get a "taste" of group classes and one-on-one services aiming to improve the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Meet new people, have fun, win prizes, and participate in some well-deserved self-care!


-Food, Games, Socializing-

-Presentations, Movement Classes-

-Spiritual Providers & Healers-

-Holistic Health & Wellness Providers-

-Holistic Self-Care Products-

Fun & Games

Free potluck picnic & BBQ, lawn games, socialization, & networking!


14 raffle prizes collectively valued at $1,494!


From presentations to hands-on experiences, there is a class every 30 minutes to help you live a healthy and rewarding life. 


Visit 21 practitioners, educators, and advocates to network, learn about products and services, and experience mini sessions with service providers.

Raffle Prizes

$5 per ticket; $20 for 5 tickets.
Purchase at the event or contact us by 09/10.


30-Minute Manifestation Meditation,

Katy Carlson

(a $60 value)

Energy Healing


Lilac Intuitive Healing,

Jumana Sayla

(a $50 value)

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 8.49.21 AM.png

30-Minute Wellness Consult,

Lauren Lyman

(a $50 value)


5 60-Minute Rasha Sessions,

Don Carter

(a $500 value)


Whipped Body Butter,

Made by Carolyn Ruutelmann

(a $30 value)

Image by Toa Heftiba

45-Minute Myofascial Release,

 Tracy Schnabel

(a $100 value)


2-Hour New Patient Intake & Acupuncture Treatment,

Michaela Lacko-Mariano

(a $149 value)

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 11.00.40 PM.png

90-Minute Kundalini Yoga Session,

Aadya Eastman

(a $75 value)


60-Minute Vibrational Sound Therapy Session,

Dave Miller

(an $80 value) x2


The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards,

Donated by J. Currie

(a $20 value)

Image by Conscious Design

30-Minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Castor Oil Pack,

Dr. A. Wrobel

(a $75 value)


60-Minute Cosmic Dragon Illumination & Activation,

Bekah Kopec

(a $111value)

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 10.54.42 PM.png

30-Minute Breakthrough Session,

J. Currie

(a $99 value)

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 8.44.51 AM.png

A Copy of The Frugal Nomad,

by J. Currie

(a $15 value)






Pam Tunget.jpg
Group Reiki Session
with Pam Tunget

A 20-minute Reiki experience allowing all participating the opportunity to receive the healing power of Universal Life Force Energy.

Reducing the Levels of Electromagnetics in Your Home
with Mieke Jacobs

Learn the main causes of high electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in your home and ways to mitigate.

Bekah Kopec.jpg
Alchemy Sound Healing Class
with Bekah Kopec

Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls uses the medium of sound and vibration to deeply relax the body and mind. The vibration and sound of the singing bows supports you in releasing tension and creating more balance. You will be washed over with a sense of calm, lightness, and peace.

Edible Medicinals
of Illinois

with Dr. A

Join Dr. Agatha Wrobel, ND, CNS in a short presentation about in-season medicinal plants found in northern Illinois. Learn about how to find, when to harvest, and how to safely consume a few of nature's greatest gifts.

Facial Cupping and Gua Sha at Home
with Michaela Lacko-Mariano

Facial cupping and gua sha are relaxing ways to nourish the skin and muscles of the face. Gua sha can be used to reduce tension and manage TMJ, headaches, allergies, and teeth grinding. Cupping is more adept at moving fluid, or lymph, from the face to reduce puffiness and sagging. Learn how to perform facial cupping and gua sha at home to tighten and tone the face as part of your weekly beauty regimen.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 2_31_13 PM.png.webp
Cape 2 Cairo: A Modern Journey Into the Past
with J. Currie

Jay has recently returned from an eleven month expedition across the African continent. Stop by to hear stories from his 18,000 mile adventure that crossed through 12 countries. In addition to his experiences, up for discussion will be some of the geopolitical issues that make traveling throughout Africa complicated. As well as the logistical challenges faced when traveling in a vehicle and sleeping in ground tents throughout Africa. 


Those with general questions about long-term travel on a budget should definitely attend as well.

Mini Sister Circle with Meditation & Sound Healing
with Amy Henke

When women come together, great things happen. The circle encourages personal growth, healing and support. Coming together in sisterhood makes women feel stronger, happier and connected. Join us for a circle consisting of meditation, journaling, sharing, and sound healing.

Lauren Lyman Bio.jpg
Loving Acceptance of Children in Modern Society: Be the Change
with Lauren Lyman

How is modern society teaching children that love is conditional and their self-worth is determined by others? What impact does this have on children's mental and emotional health, and on the future of the world? Break the cycle! Learn how to help children process their emotions, grow through challenges, and become confident adults. Be the change to encourage change in the world.

*Not a parent? Come anyways! We can all learn together!

Katy Carlson.png
Funny Face Family Yoga
with Katy Carlson

Unite family, body movement, and breath while grounding in a glorious environment! Have fun with a like-minded group and enjoy outdoor yoga! Let the children bring your inner child out while you teach the children that self-care can be fun!

*No experience is required. 

Group Sound Healing Session
with Carolyn Ruutelmann

Experience an acoustic sound healing journey that relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, calms the mind, and activates your body’s natural healing systems.  Quartz Crystal singing bowls and Tibetan bowls create a sound healing experience that will resonate, vibrate, & activate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed & rejuvenated.

*Be sure to wear comfortable clothes.  Bring a yoga mat, pillow or blanket as needed for your personal comfort.


(Click each name to access the practitioner's website)

Welcome Table

Welcome to AWAKE: Oneness Tribe! Meet your Tribe leaders and learn what makes this community so incredibly special.

You Belong Here.

J. Currie

Certified Oneness Coach, Meditation Instructor, Author & Keynote Speaker

Lauren Lyman, The Lyman Effect

Occupational Therapist, Certified Oneness Coach, Intuitive & Holistic Wellness Coach, Personal Relationships & Family Dynamics Coach

Organic Tinctures & Teas, Nutrition, Herbalism, Coaching, Hydrotherapy, Castor Oil Packs, Lymphatic Drainage

EMF Testing Equipment

Low EMF Headphones

Clean Skincare and Oil Blend Consults

Intuitive Energy Healing (current & past lives), Connecting with Passed Loved Ones, Chakra Balancing

Empowerment & Growth Programs, Seminars, Classes, Individual Coaching & Counseling

Shamanic Intuitive: Channeling, Tarot Readings, Astrology, Reiki, Reconnective Healing

Akashic Records Readings (via phone call)

Channeled Tarot Card Readings, Sound Healing, Coaching

CBD Oral Tinctures, Edibles, Topicals, & Pet Care

Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha

Facial Gua Sha Stones & Face Masks

Homeschooling Information & Support

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Weight Loss, Intuitive Health Coaching, Supplements, Yoga, Hormone Balancing Workouts

Soundbaths, Tuning Forks, Energy Techniques, Quantum Reiki, Shea Butter Blends, Essential Oils

Counseling, Workshops & Essential Oils

Medical Claims, Health & Wellness Coaching

Labor & Postpartum Doula

Chiropractic, Acupuncture (Needle and laser), fire cupping, moxa, facial cosmetic acupuncture, xrays, Lab analysis, detox, gut and allergy testing, mechanical traction, and more!

A scalar, sound and vibrational frequency energy machine that promotes healing at the physical and consciousness level

Relaxation Station

Myofascial Release, Energy Healing - Reiki, Occupational Therapy

Reiki, Akashic Records Readings, Empowered Life Spiritual Coaching

Reiki, Sound Healing, Trauma Informed Care

Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, Spiritual & Shamanic Life Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching

Reiki/Intuitive Healing, Sound Healing, Oracle Card Readings, Alternative Healing Therapy, Soul Guidance/Life Coaching, Quantum Healing

Reiki, Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Readings, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Life Coaching

Reiki/Energy Facilitation, Herbal Medicine Education Using Tinctures & Salves

Location Details

Sunday, September 11th


Churchill Woods Picnic Shelter

21 W. St. Charles Rd.

Lombard, IL 60148

The Churchill Woods parking lot ("PARKING 1"): At the back of the lot, there is a path leading you to Central Picnic Area, near the water. This is where our classes will be held. Make a left, and follow the path to our Welcome Table.

The Churchill Woods Picnic Shelter Lot ("PARKING 2"): In the middle of the lot, there is a path leading you straight to our Welcome Table.


*For questions or assistance the day of the event, please call Lauren at

(331) 551-8630. We will not be able to check social media or texts.

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Location Details
Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 12.37.48 AM.png
*Check out more events.
*Looking for more ways to be involved? Visit the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe ‘Get Involved’ page.
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