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ONENESS FEST 2023 Color-Coded Map.png

ONENESS FEST is a festival which functions because all participants/community members commit to a common set of behavioral guidelines and work toward a safe and harmonious atmosphere.


Arrival & Start Times

  • Friday: June 23, 2023

    • 4pm: Gate Opens for Vendor & Tent-Camper Check-In

    • 5pm: Admission for band/evening entertainment ticket holders begins​

    • 6:45pm: Opening Remarks at the Stage, led by J. Currie & Meka Leach

    • 7-745pm: Opening Mayan Fire Ceremony led by Shuni

    • 7:45-8:15pm: Kirtan with Janardana

    • 8:15-9:45pm: Healing Dance Jam at the Stage with Garret Rhea of Zenadigm

    • 9:45-11:30pm: Glow Paint Drum Circle, led by DuPage Drum Circle & Community Bonfire


  • Saturday: June 24, 2023

    • 7am: Gate Opens

    • 8am: Community Breakfast & Announcements

    • 9-10am: Morning Event at the Stage: Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Andrew & Crystal of Power Moves Yoga

    • 9:30am-4:30pm: Kids Korner (under 3 must be accompanied by parent/guardian)

    • 10-11am: Featured Workshop - Breathwork at the Stage with Egle Contreras of Breath of Serenity

    • 10am-5pm: Vendor Village & Relaxation Station

    • 10:30am-5pm: Vendor Classes, located behind the Vendor Village

    • 11am-4pm: Festival Programs & Teen Camp

    • 6pm: Admission for band/evening entertainment ticket holders begins

    • 7-9pm: Performances by Dreamweaver's Collective & Soul Lullabies at the Stage

    • 9pm: Fire Spinning Performance with Nikini Fire Flower​ at the Stage

    • 9:30pm-11pm Community Bonfire, Opening with Glow Goddess Dance performed by Ildiko Puskas and Daisy Pietanza

    • 10pm: Fireside Drum Circle, led by DuPage Drum Circle


  • Sunday: June 25, 2023

    • 7am: Gate Opens

    • 8am: Community Breakfast & Announcements

    • 9-10am: QiGong at the Stage with John Robertson

    • 9:30am-4:30pm: Kids Korner (under 3 must be accompanied by parent/guardian)

    • 10-11am: Featured Workshop: Quantum Living Lifestyle at the Stage with Roma Simkute

    • 10am-5pm: Vendor Village & Relaxation Station

    • 10:30am-5pm: Vendor Classes, located behind the Vendor Village

    • 11am-4pm: Festival Workshops & Teen Camp

    • 5pm: Closing Ceremony at the Stage

    • 5:30pm: End of festival, check-out for campers

  • The gate is closed at midnight to all traffic and will remain closed until the following morning.

  • The gate will only open for emergencies outside these times.


Arrival & Check-in Procedure

The campground will be open for arrivals 5pm-9pm on opening night Friday, June 23rd and 7am-9pm on Saturday, June 24th. Please be mindful of your fellow campers, and arrive with enough time to set up your tent before the activities begin.


You will need to present your ticket/gate pass(es) included in your registration confirmation email to the gatekeeper on duty when you arrive in order to gain admittance to the festival. Everyone in your vehicle must be listed on a ticket/gate pass. For increased security, we also require that each adult SHOW A PHOTO ID at the gate along with their ticket/gate pass. 


After checking in, proceed to the ONENESS FEST camping area and set up your camp. Campsites are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis. When you are done setting up camp, park your car in the designated parking area. If you are a vendor, you will be directed to your assigned booth location when you arrive. 


Next, go to the ONENESS FEST Information Booth to register. Registration involves marking your camping site on the Town Map. When this has been completed, you will receive your Festival Guide. Be sure to read through the Guide, which contains the ONENESS FEST schedule and other useful information about the venue, site facilities, and ONENESS FEST etiquette.



Vehicle traffic through camp is not permitted except for Campground and ONENESS FEST staff service vehicles. Vehicles need to be parked for the duration of your stay in the campground parking area. If you have another special reason for needing to have your vehicle in your camping area, parking permits can also be issued onsite at the Info Center if space permits.


Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles and campers are NOT permitted. Tent camping only.



Once you have arrived at the Festival, it is highly suggested you remain on-site until the end of your Festival participation. Please plan your food and other supply needs accordingly. Any exceptions to this rule must be discussed with the gate coordinators before you plan to be off-site. For security reasons, the venue gates are locked at night and do not re-open until morning.


All ONENESS FEST participants must leave the venue site by 5pm on Sunday, June 25.


Bands/Evening Entertainment

The evening activities are open to the public (for a fee at the gate). You do not need to be a guest at the festival to enjoy the bands and entertainment. Friends are welcome to join you but must leave the grounds by 11:30pm.​


Food & Food Vendors

Plan to bring sufficient food for yourself and your family/camp, or funds to buy food from the on-site food vendors. You will not be able to depart to restock on food or supplies during the ONENESS FEST.  


Please bring your own means to cook food if you need to ensure that the cooking apparatus is at your personal campsite. Plan on bringing your own grill/stove for use; you may not dig fire pits or have open fires on site. Bring your own camp table if desired; picnic tables are available in the picnic pavilion. Take care in storing your food that you have sufficient supplies and space to prevent spoilage and discourage animals from accessing your food. Absolutely no hunting, plant foraging, or wood cutting is allowed.


If you do not want to spend time cooking during ONENESS FEST, plan to eat some or all meals with the food vendors. 

*Please note, Community Breakfast is an opportunity for us all to eat a social meal together. Food will be available for purchase, or you may bring and prepare/cook your own.


On-Site Supplies and Facilities

  • The site has a male and female bathroom facility with flush toilets and sinks for handwashing. Cold water spigots are near the Safety Office. All water must be carried back to your site for drinking and cleaning: consider bringing a small wagon or luggage carrier for transport. 


  • You may find it useful to bring a roll of toilet paper, just in case


  • Be advised, there are no shower facilities at the campground. Beginning for ONENESS FEST 2024, we will be renting a trailer-based shower facility with 8 showers. 

    • ​UPDATE 5/7/23: Power Moves Yoga; 1920 W Main St, St. Charles, IL 60175 (3.3 miles from the venue) is allowing participants of Oneness Fest to shower at their facility. The cost is $5 and includes a clean towel, shampoo, and soap. Showers will be available from 4:30pm-7:30pm on Saturday & Sunday.


  • Cell phone service is available throughout the campground and surrounding area.


  • Dumpsters are located around the site for you to deposit your bagged trash. There is no recycling in this area; please consider taking your recycling back home with you!


  • Please bring a flashlight (with extra batteries) to light your way around the campground. 


  • Bagged ice will be available for purchase Saturday at 8am and 6pm at the Information Booth



Minors (those under 18 years of age) must attend with a parent/legal guardian or other adult caretaker designated by their parent/legal guardian. The Parent/Legal Guardian/Caretaker is responsible for supervision of minor(s) and for ensuring the minor(s) complies with all provisions of the ONENESS FEST Guidelines. Click to access the Minor Liability Release that was agreed upon when purchasing tickets to ONENESS FEST.


When a minor(s) is not in the Kids Korner, the parent/legal guardian/caretaker is responsible for retaining control over and supervision of the minor(s). Use of the Kids Korner for any minor(s) in your care is at your own risk and discretion. Neither ONENESS FEST nor Good Templar Park staff will be responsible for your children at the festival.


Firearms, Weapons & Fireworks

All firearms, weapons, and fireworks are absolutely prohibited, including those in locked cars.  Do not bring any form of firearm, weapon, or firework to ONENESS FEST.


Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

ONENESS FEST is an alcohol, tobacco, and drug free event. No sale, barter, or use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is permitted. The use or possession of illegal drugs is absolutely prohibited at ONENESS FEST. All local laws must be obeyed at all times regarding any controlled substance or medications.


Cancellations & Refunds

Email cancellation requests received by May 31st, 2023 will be refunded in late July minus half of the registration fee for processing. After May 31, 2023 there will be no refund requests granted.





Pets and companion animals are not allowed at ONENESS FEST. Some service animals may be permitted, in accordance with ONENESS FEST guidelines below. All service animals must be pre-arranged with ONENESS FEST coordinators. If you bring an animal that is not pre-registered according to the guidelines below, you will be turned away to find lodging for that animal.


Guidelines for Service Animals:

Definition: The term "service animal" is defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as an animal "individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability." Service animals are working animals. Many wear a harness, cape, vest, or back-pack when working. Service animals are normally dogs and fall into three categories: guide dogs for the visually impaired, hearing dogs for the hearing impaired, and support or service dogs to help those with physical disabilities or mobility impairments to accomplish daily tasks.


In order to consider you and your service animal for attendance at ONENESS FEST you must provide the following information:


  • The reason for your need for a service animal. Please provide medical documentation of such. 

  • Tell us about your dog: breed, training, length of time with you, etc. If your dog was not provided and trained by a non-profit organization, such as Canine Partners for Life or Service Dogs for America, please provide proof that the dog has achieved the American Kennel Club's Urban Canine Good Citizen certification by passing an Urban CGC test conducted by an AKC-certified evaluator.

  • How will your service animal’s needs be met during ONENESS FEST (food, care, housing, cleaning up after, vet care, etc.)?

  • Proof that your service animal is up-to-date on rabies vaccination.

  • Do you have insurance to cover any incidents? If so, please provide the name of the company and policy number. ONENESS FEST assumes no responsibility for your service animal.

  • Participants requiring use of a service dog also are required to bring along a support person who can assist them. This person must be willing to leave the Festival should you and/or your service animal find it necessary to leave the Festival. Please provide the name and contact information of your Support Person.


Email the above information to: 


Not Responsible for Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items

The staff at ONENESS FEST will do their best to put on a fun and safe event. Despite their best efforts, loss and theft can occur. Do not leave items of value unattended. ONENESS FEST, its staff, the venue, sponsors, vendors and volunteers are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. 


Anyone found violating the community guidelines, harassing or endangering the safety of other participants, or otherwise disrupting the festival may be asked to leave at any time without a refund. 

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